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Home play-house for your baby. Glove puppets.

All parents dream that their kids grow talented and smart. Games help to develop childrens abilities. It is essentially important to teach your baby to have fun while playing, communicate, think something up and even make toys on their own. You can diversify game world using puppets made of gloves, and you can make them with your own hands together with kids. The technique is quite simple.

Puppet Kitty

1. Take a glove. Stitch together middle and ring fingers (this will be cats muzzle).
2. Sew buttons eyes and nose.
3. Sew fur ears and fluffy cheeks.
4. Sew tail with a preliminarily thread wire.
5. Decorate pads with the remaining peaces of fur (little finger and forefinger).

Acquaintance with glove puppets

Variants of games

1. Prior to making a performance with tale, familiarize them by turns
with each puppet. If the kid is small, there should not be many
puppets one or two would be quite enough.
- Show the toy
- Give its name.
- Offer to touch it.
- Explore each and every part of it.
- Let the child examine the puppet, play with it. Recite funny poem,
sing a song on behalf of the puppet. When it becomes clear that the
kid has studied the toy, the next one can be shown.
2. Having made acquaintance with characters you can start performance.
3. Choose the best stories which teach good deeds, friendship,
assistance, care, goods victory over evil.
4. To be saved from childrens whims and stubbornness you can imagine
a fairy tale, the characters of which would be animals that copy
precisely your kids actions. You can ask kids to help the puppet
improve, give some advices how to behave oneself,
and then play up those activities.
5. On behalf of the toy you can ask the kid to do some training
task, quickly put on clothes for outing or to help mother and father about the house.
6. Fairy-tale show should last no longer than 10-15 minutes
(if the kid is not tired it can be longer).

  Severodvinsk 2011