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Is your kid gifted?

Discover creative abilities of your children!

Speaking about riddles of talent one can say that every child is talented in their own way and hence the child needs a grown-up who is ready to notice this creative personality. Well, dear parents your attention is required here. How to reveal creative traits of your kid?

Giftedness can be of the following types:

1. Art

- No uniformity in pictures. Kids are original when choosing the topic.
- On seeing a good painting they become thoughtful and very serious.
- Like to use new material, appeal to painting in order to express their feelings and mood.

2. Musical

- Show great interest in musical classes.
- Are good in singing.
- Compose their own special tunes.

3. Artistic

- Can easily grow into a role of any personage.
- Tend to express their feelings through mimics, gestures, motions.
- Like staging games.

4. Leadership

- Take initiative in communication.
- Often guide games and activities of other kids, possess talent of persuasion.
- Tend to take responsibility which is far beyond the limits of their age.

5. Sports

- Are active.
- Like to participate in sporting games and events.
- Often win their peers in different sports games.
Advices for parents: how to help your kids to develop their gifts?

- Do not be silent when asked overwhelming number of questions, show patience and sincerity instead. Take seriously their profound queries and statements.
- Help them perceive more new things, induce to dream up and invent, provide books and materials for their favourite pastime, make trips to interesting places.
- When communicating with kids you should demonstrate example of creativeness.
- Crate fascinating environment at home and encourage them to be self-dependent that will ensure successful development of kids creative activities.
- Dedicate a room or a part of it purely to kids hobbies. Arrange special place (a bench) where they can exhibit their craftwork. Do not scold them if the room or the desk is in a mess - perhaps they have not yet completed realization of their fantasies.
- Stimulate kids to communicate fluently with children and grown-ups of any age. If they are not able to find friends help them.
- Find supporting words for their new undertakings, avoid criticizing their first experiments however poor they are. Treat them with attention because they are doing it not only for themselves but for you as well. Remember that warmth and caress with which you surround your kids are the basis of their success, so do not spare these feelings.

Gift is not a mere chance given when the child is born. It can be developed if you start upbringing since childhood, and mind: patience is crucial to achieve success.

Isadskaya Anna, teacher-psychologist,
Municipal Kindergarten No 76 Kolosok,
Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region.
  Severodvinsk 2011